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Faryn-Beth Hart, Harticulture‚Äôs founder, received her professional registration in horticultural therapy through the American Horticulture Therapy Association and is pursuing a Master’s in Social Work at Smith College.

Born in London, UK, Faryn-Beth grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa among many of the same Mediterranean plants that thrive in the Ohlone territory of Huichin (San Francisco Bay Area). Her passion in connecting people to plants germinated from her involvement in social and environmental justice efforts while volunteering in prisons, working with rural farmers in India and working with 501(c)3s committed to environmental education. Faryn-Beth has come to see the importance of recovery through connection.

Faryn-Beth currently facilitates horticultural therapy programming at a residential Eating Disorder Treatment Center in the Greater Bay Area. She works with incarcerated men tending gardens at San Quentin Prison and is the Garden Specialist at the Homeless Prenatal Program in San Francisco.

Faryn-Beth is a founding member and administrator of the California Horticultural Therapy Network.

To contact Faryn please email