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Harticulture’s mission is to cultivate healing through nature connection.

Harticulture uses horticultural therapy to grow plants, hearts and minds.

Horticultural therapy is a therapeutic modality that uses plant and garden-based activities, facilitated by a trained therapist, to achieve specific treatment goals of a client. The garden provides a natural setting for clients to work on goals related to stress reduction, anxiety disorders, anger management, socialization, physical rehabilitation, behavioral health and much more.


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Center for Discovery

Center for Discovery provides residential eating disorder treatment for adolescents and women over 18. Harticulture facilitates horticultural therapy programming at three centers in the greater Bay Area connecting clients to the therapeutic garden to recultivate a healthy relationship with food. Activities include: growing food from seed; learning pest management; creating dream pillows with relaxing medicinal herbs; and harvesting flowers for the dining room table with goals to reduce stress triggers, improve confidence, decrease anxiety, promote socialization and develop compensatory healthy behaviors. Clients that arrive at sessions anxious and self conscious admit that they leave the garden feeling present and hopeful.

Private Sessions

Harticulture works privately or in small groups with children ages 4-16 that are experiencing behavioral challenges. In the garden we cultivate the importance of tending to growing plants that requires responsibility and discipline. We are building gardens in backyards cultivating stewardship and nature connection providing a safe environment for behavioral development. Harticulture has worked with children on the autism spectrum, at-risk youth, and children experiencing life transitions like parents’ divorce, or taking full time jobs, and new baby siblings weaving environmental education into specific activities designed to meet behavioral or emotional therapeutic goals.

Faryn-Beth Hart, Harticulture’s founder and horticultural therapist, has a certificate in horticultural therapy from the Horticultural Therapy Institute and is currently working on her professional registration through the American Horticulture Therapy Association. She brings over 7 years of experience as an environmental educator for various summer camps and non-profit environmental teaching centers. She has worked to connect college students to social justice and food sovereignty projects in New Orleans, LA and has worked to save seed and preserve organic farming methods of rural farmers in Utteranchal, India with Vandana Shiva’s Navdanya Project. She brings great passion and care to her work in the garden.

Faryn-Beth is a member of the American Horticulture Therapy Association.

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